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Job Description

Title: Site Boiler operator

Reporting to: Boilers Operations supervisor/Technician

Supervises Boiler General Hand.

Key roles & responsibilities

  1. Boiler Operations Roles
  • Competently operate the boiler as per the set-out SOPs (standard operating procedure) for maximum output
  • Ensure steam is readily available at clients sites for use at the start of every shift (day/night) or as otherwise instructed by the Operations supervisor
  • Ensure that no unauthorized person enters the boiler area.
  • Carry out daily and weekly maintenance of boilers as on plans & per the SOPs.
  • Ensure proper housekeeping by maintaining boiler rooms and related work areas in a clean, orderly, and safe condition. 
  • Report to the Boiler supervisor, any abnormal operating conditions/faults or major repair requirements and assist in implementing remedial action.
  • Adhere to safety regulations including but not limited to the use of PPE, follow established work practices and SOPs in order to maintain an accident-free workplace.
  • Lead the quarterly and annual maintenance activities of the boiler.
  • Maintain relevant documentation/data logs – input/record required service data accurately in a timely manner and properly store it as required by the business.
  • Implement ad-hoc company agenda at Boiler site
  • Maintain a ratio of above 4.5
  • Liaise with head office for required spares as and when needed and ensure used ones are returned.
  1. Fuel stocks & Reports
  • Take charge of site fuel/briquettes management to always ensure optimum stock at hand.
  • Ensure full documentation & adherence to stock delivery standard operating procedures (SOP)
  • Guarantee transparent and honest operations at boiler sites, raw materials, labor & resources
  • Record, document, and share on a daily basis boiler output standard report a factor of fuel to steam ratio to maintain 4.5.
  • Ensuring physical and theoretical stock match
  • To carry out any other relevant duty as may be assigned from time to time

Key Performancedowntimelogbooks Indicator

No KPI Action Monthly target
1 Attain efficiency of boiler operations Ensure optimum and timely operations & service to achieve a ratio of 4.5 100%
2 No production down time due to boiler operations failure Always ensure maintenance and boiler service schedules are adhered to closely 100%
3 Workplace incidents/accidents maintained at 0% Ensuring safety at workplace kept clean & neat and taking precaution/ observing safe work practices. 100%
4 Proper, accurate, and timely records and log books update. Ensuring data is captured, updated & shared without fail 100%
5 Full report compliance Ensuring reports are sent in a timely manner on daily basis. 100%

Physical abilities.


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